Published on February 16, 2023

3 Alternatives to Banner Stand Walls for Displays

3 Alternatives to Banner Stand Walls for Displays
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If you’ve ever attended a trade show as a consumer or guest, you may already be familiar with getting lost in a sea of identical booths. Many trade show exhibits use the same combination of banners, posters, and other materials to promote their products or services. If you want your upcoming booth to really stand out, consider using any of these alternatives to banner stand walls for your display.

Truss Display Back Wall

Banner stands can be effective for beginner vendors and displays, but once your trade show booth starts to expand, they can become lost. Truss back walls offer a much larger space for images than a single stand can. This allows your business to get more creative with its marketing and booth designs. You can also incorporate more eye-catching text and colors into your displays. Truss displays utilize industrial materials to provide a unique and eye-catching appearance for any marketing exhibit.

Interactive Displays

Rather than displaying a simple vinyl or fabric banner on your back wall, consider turning this space into an interactive exhibit. Interactive elements provide a unique experience for your visitors and create a longer-lasting impression of your booth and business. For example, when designing your booth’s back wall, consider turning it into a functional space where you can hang and display items for customers to browse through. You can even incorporate technology into the back wall, such as touchscreen kiosks for showcasing and explaining your products or services.

Mobile Exhibits

If you want to take interactive displays to the next level, consider ditching the traditional booth setup altogether. Mobile exhibits are becoming more and more popular for pop-up shops, conventions, and more. For example, AWS, a notable welding foundation, has created a mobile exhibit that allows attendees to watch and test equipment in a hands-on setting. Trailer exhibits like these can tour trade shows and conventions across the country due to their mobile natures. Mobile displays also offer creative solutions to many supply shortages currently affecting the display manufacturing industry.

Remember these three alternatives to traditional banner stand display walls as you design and order your company’s next trade show exhibit. If you’re looking for unique display fabrication or rental options, learn more about our conference booth rentals here at West Coast Exhibit. We’ll help match you with the best design for a successful conference or trade show.

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