Published on February 1, 2023

3 Inventory Shortages That Could Impact Your Trade Show Display

3 Inventory Shortages That Could Impact Your Trade Show Display
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Now that yearly conventions and trade show companies are scheduling events again, many businesses are excited to reserve spots at upcoming 2023 shows. However, if your team requires a new exhibit to showcase its goods and services, you should start planning as soon as possible. Material shortages have made it difficult to ship display parts on time. Keep reading to learn which inventory shortages could impact your trade show display the most.

Shipping and Shipping Cases

Every business has likely experienced issues with shipping times since the pandemic. Did you know that even shipping containers themselves are experiencing delays? Shipping containers require the use of time and resources to produce a durable, sturdy product that will protect all your equipment. Because these containers are so large and bulky, they can be difficult to ship, adding to increased shipping times and costs. Hard shipping cases could be delayed by several months this coming year.

Power and Lighting

Technology shortages are still extremely common in the manufacturing industry. Due to technical builds and complex part requirements, some companies are having difficulty stocking their usual products. Many modern trade show booth designs utilize technology such as lighting and power supplies to keep various elements powered and charged. Power supplies, transformers, and lighting elements have all become difficult to keep in stock, so be sure to prepare based on your booth’s design needs.


While not directly part of inventory shortages, staff shortages have also impacted events and businesses. If your business is still struggling to find suitable team members to help run your exhibit, consider investing in management services. For example, at West Coast Exhibit, we offer both booth design and management services. An exhibit manager can help run your booth during events by directing customers, answering questions, collecting customer information, and more. This helps relieve the burden of being understaffed during convention season.

When conceptualizing your ideal convention exhibit, remember to consider these three inventory shortages and how they can impact your display. If you’re planning to attend a trade show in 2023 and need exhibition design services, be prompt and put in your orders as soon as possible. At West Coast Exhibit, our knowledgeable team keeps our clients informed and updated every step of the way during the fabrication process. We also work with steel and aluminum welders on two-story booth fabrication to promote faster turn-around times and less reliance on manufacturing materials that are facing shortages.

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