Published on March 13, 2023

3 Reasons You Should Order Your Trade Show Display Early

3 Reasons You Should Order Your Trade Show Display Early
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If you’ve already selected the trade shows you want your business to attend this year, start thinking about your booth materials now. Due to supply and demand issues in the manufacturing market, exhibit parts have become more difficult to acquire in a timely fashion. Keep reading to learn three of the main reasons why you should order your trade show display early this year.

Limited Inventory and Supply Delays

While the world supply chain continues to improve, many manufacturers are still experiencing material shortages. Due to ongoing labor and parts shortages, these companies can’t keep up with supply and demand like they used to. If your business repeatedly faces supply delays for trade show pieces, be sure to order your display as soon as possible after you’ve settled on dimensions and design. Another option that could help you avoid issues with shortages is to get creative with display solutions, such as using mobile displays and trailer exhibits.

Shipping Delays

Another reason you should order your trade show display early is because of shipping delays. Labor shortages are impacting shipping times around the world. To receive your trade show display and materials on time, it’s crucial that you order in advance to allow plenty of time for processing and shipping. After all, it’s better to receive your booth materials earlier than you need them rather than after the trade show takes place. It’s also important to choose a fabrication or rental company that actively communicates with you so you know when to expect your materials to arrive.

Increased Prices

Due to a shortage of parts and the decrease in production volume, many companies have had to raise their prices in recent months and years. Fuel prices have risen drastically as well, which will impact your shipping costs. During exhibition season and parts of the year when conventions are common, these prices are likely to increase even more. This is yet another reason to order your trade show materials early and outside of the usual convention season. Acting now can help your business save money overall.

At West Coast Exhibit, we oversee the entire booth fabrication process, from initial concept and design to construction. Additionally, we offer exhibit management services to help make the installation process quick and easy on trade show setup day. West Coast Exhibit is here to work with you through every step of the trade show display process.

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