Published on July 31, 2023

4 Key Questions To Ask Before Exhibiting at a Trade Show

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Trade shows are excellent opportunities to promote what your business has to offer. However, without the right information and preparation, your exhibition attempt can turn into a disorganized mess. Here are some key questions to ask before exhibiting at a trade show to provide you with the information and elements you need to fully prepare.

What Are Your Goals for the Show?

One of the first questions to answer when signing up for a trade show event is why you’re attending in the first place. Establishing your goals upfront can help you follow a more organized and thoughtful approach to your trade show booth design and marketing. For example, you might want to attend a trade show to build brand recognition or establish a new audience. Attending a trade show is also an excellent way to engage more with potential customers and develop new leads. Establishing your reasoning and goals will help you record your event more clearly and have a better picture of your success levels after the event ends.

Where Will You Establish Your Booth?

Trade show exhibits are all about location, location, location. Where you set up your booth on the show floor will help influence the amount of traffic it receives, how you should design it, and many other aspects of its performance. Before you start designing your booth’s layout, it’s important to learn your location on the show floor and its dimensions to avoid creating an exhibit that is too large or small for your allotted space.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Before exhibiting at a trade show, it helps to know your audience so that you can better tailor your marketing and pitches to them. For example, certain trade shows can attract more than just a general audience. Some trade shows are more popular among consumers with higher levels of education and experience in the industry or with the products or services they’re looking for.

Are You Organized for the Show?

Ask this question of yourself and your team at multiple stages of your convention preparation. Being prepared and well-organized for a trade show starts months in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute to put together a booth or design your marketing materials. Waiting until the last minute to gather your materials often leads to unpreparedness and lacking cohesive marketing when you get to the event. If you have a small team and need assistance with your planning or material design, consider working with an exhibit management company, such as West Coast Exhibit.

Remember these four key questions to ask before exhibiting at a trade show as you prepare for your next event. Having these questions prepared can mean the difference between a disorganized event and a successful one. And don’t forget to check out our booth management and design services at West Coast Exhibit if you’re preparing for a future convention or trade show.

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