Published on June 7, 2023

5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays

5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays
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If your business has ever attended a trade show, you may have leftover display pieces packed away in your warehouse or storage unit. However, you could be wasting your investment if you’re not making use of it outside of trade show events. Keep reading to learn some alternative uses for your trade show displays.

In-Store Marketing Signage

If your business has a retail store or other physical location, you have plenty of options to repurpose your trade show display. When designing trade show displays, companies create them with their branding in mind, which helps them look right at home in the corresponding retail space. You can place wall displays, stands, signage, and more in your storefront display window or use them as display stands throughout your business. Display walls make excellent backing behind your customer service counter and other central spots in your building.

Small or Local Events

Trade show events are examples of large-scale events that your business can attend. However, your business can repurpose its trade show display for several smaller events throughout the year. Browse your community newsletters for events like recruiting programs, fairs, markets, and other events that your business could attend. You could also use your displays for events your business runs personally, such as training programs, retreats, sales meetings, presentations, and more.

Lobby Displays

A company lobby or atrium makes an excellent home for your display materials during their off-season. Your display materials can provide the same eye-catching and educational effect that they have during a trade show at your business’s regular location. A lobby display can provide information and engagement for new clients and become a talking point for returning customers.

Office Partitions

Freestanding display walls and panels can make excellent office partitions to separate cubicles, meeting rooms, and more. Partitions are especially helpful if your business works out of a small office space, as they can section off certain areas and create more privacy.

Next Show Expansions

Finally, save your trade show displays for your next event. If you have plans to upgrade your booth size or display, you don’t have to dispose of the pieces you already have. Instead, expand from your current materials and find ways to incorporate your previous display parts. This helps reuse and recycle materials to prevent unnecessary waste and saves you money on your booth upgrades.

Now that you know these five alternative uses for trade show displays, your booth materials don’t have to collect dust in your warehouse. Get more use out of your custom display materials by finding ways to use them during the off-season. And if you’re looking for ways to expand your display for your next show, you can trust our trade show booth builders at West Coast Exhibit. We design and create materials that will amaze your trade show customers.

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