Published on December 13, 2022

5 Tips for Making Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

5 Tips for Making Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out
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If you’ve ever attended a trade show, whether as a business or a consumer, you know how easy it is to get lost in the crowd of booths, consumers, and more. Fortunately, West Coast Exhibit is here to provide seasoned tips and tricks to help you design and set up an attractive booth. Create a trade show exhibit that stands out from the rest of the crowd with these five tips.

Use Bright Colors

Monotone colors often blend into the background at trade shows and conventions. Don’t decorate your exhibit with exclusively black and white colors. Branch out and choose bright, eye-catching colors to draw more attention to your booth. Just be sure to choose colors that fit within your company’s branding to stay consistent throughout your booth design.

Design Large, Readable Signage

Your trade show exhibit won’t be very eye-catching if customers can’t read your signage. While bright colors can be eye-catching on their own, small fonts can be difficult to read when you combine them. Choose bold, large fonts to pair with your exhibit’s bright colors to ensure that customers can read them from across the show floor. Our team of trade show fabrication experts here at West Coast Exhibit can help you bring these design choices together to create the ultimate booth.

Utilize Vertical Space

Vertically displaying signage, products, and more can attract visitors’ attention from across the showroom floor. If you keep your signage and displays too close to the ground level, attendees won’t be able to notice them from through the crowd. Utilize vertical pop-up displays and supports that fit within the convention’s guidelines.

Create an Interactive Space

Get passing attendees involved by adding engaging, interactive elements to your trade show booth. Consumers will be more likely to spend time at your booth if you create an engaging space that features unique elements. Consider including activities such as workshops, product demonstrations, interactive displays, and touchscreens. These elements provide customers with an extra reason to approach your booth, which allows you to provide more details about your product.

Share Samples and Giveaways

One of the best ways to encourage leads and follow-ups at your trade show exhibit is to hand out free samples and giveaway items. Using high-quality merchandise will ensure that potential customers don’t throw away their freebies as soon as they get home. Instead, when consumers see your customized products, they will remember your business’s name and be more likely to follow up on your products or services.

Remember these five tips to help your trade show exhibit stand out while designing and ordering your trade show booth. Our experts here at West Coast Exhibit can apply all these tips and more during booth fabrication to deliver an utterly unique and eye-catching exhibit.

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