Published on November 30, 2022

6 Ways To Generate Leads at Your Next Trade Show

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Attending a trade show is an excellent way to build engagement and generate leads for your business. However, if you’ve never participated in a trade show or are still new, you might not be sure how to get the most out of the process. Here are six tips to help you generate leads at your next trade show so you can attract more business.

Design an Effective Booth

Generating trade show leads starts with a compelling booth design. It’s difficult to attract attendees with just your product or pitch alone. If you really want to knock your booth design out of the park, hire a team of trade show booth builders to achieve your ideal booth layout, installations, and more.

Hire a Booth Management Team

Knowing how to manage your booth during the trade show is also crucial. Don’t just wait for consumers to ask questions—approach visitors and introduce them to your products or services. If you’re light on extra hands to work your booth, consider hiring a booth management team. These experts are well-versed in promoting booth engagement. These services will allow you to watch the show floor and network with other businesses.

Hold Product Workshops and Demonstrations

Once you’ve gathered attendees’ attention at your booth, you need to keep them engaged and interested in your product to promote a lead. Rather than simply explaining your product or service, “show, don’t tell” by conducting a demonstration. Dedicate an area of your booth to live product displays and demonstrations, or project a video demonstration on a display screen.

Hand Out Merchandise

One way to create an impression on attendees who visit your booth is to hand out complimentary merchandise featuring your brand logo or slogan. Branded merchandise helps promote brand recognition and follow-ups from interested customers. Additionally, merchandise like hats, clothing, water bottles, and other accessories act like mini billboards to spread your company’s logo even further.

Plan an Exclusive Booth Promotion

Some customers might be hesitant to sign up for your services or commit to purchasing a product on the day of the trade show. To promote a sense of urgency and boost your sales on the day of the event, consider offering an exclusive trade show promotion or discount. For example, you could offer a percentage off a product or service exclusively for customers who sign up at your booth. Deals like these increase sales and bring more attention to your booth.

Provide a Way for Visitors To Follow Up

Finally, for your engagements and impressions from the trade show to turn into leads, you need to provide customers with a way to follow up with your business. Hand out business cards to interested customers and other business leaders who might pass by your booth. Another method is to leave a sign-up sheet at your booth so that customers can sign up for your company newsletter or other marketing materials.

Remember these six ways to generate leads for your next trade show appearance. If you need assistance with your booth design or management, contact our team at West Coast Exhibit today. We can help you design a booth that will attract more attention and generate more leads.

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