Published on April 26, 2023

A Quick Guide to Creating an Effective Display Design

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Designing a trade show booth can be an intimidating process for those who are new to it. Fortunately, there are some main design guidelines you can follow to achieve a professional and eye-catching layout for your booth. Keep reading to learn a few key rules of booth design with this quick guide to creating an effective display.

Text Should Be Readable Brom a Distance

It’s crucial that trade show guests can understand your booth’s message from long distances away on the show floor. One way to achieve this is to make your text large enough to read from far away. This may mean you need to shorten the phrasing for your slogans or taglines. When you have shorter phrases, you can increase their size and still take up the same amount of room on your display. Keeping your taglines short and sweet is another way to grab passing attendees’ attention more quickly.

Don’t Overuse Images

Images are essential in visual marketing, but you can quickly overwhelm your customers with too many if you’re not careful with your design choices. If you try to push too many images into your display wall or other parts of your booth, the overall effect could become too busy and detract from your design.

If you want to incorporate multiple images into your display booth, using a television or monitor is an interactive way to do so while providing visual appeal and drawing in potential customers. Technology and modern displays will often catch patrons’ eyes faster than traditional print media.

Respect “Less Is More”

In the same way that too many images can be distracting or overwhelming to a passing attendee, too much text or too many colors can also overwhelm your audience. Stick to a few simple taglines or slogans that represent your company and your mission. Additionally, choose the main colors that correspond to your business’s branding. You can also use one or two colors with specific psychological effects tied to them. For example, green can make your display feel more inviting and trustworthy, while red is ideal for grabbing attention and instilling urgency. Whichever approach you choose, focus on solid colors and avoid busy backgrounds that incorporate too many designs.

If you’re looking for a trade show booth design company that understands these steps to create an effective display design inside and out, choose West Coast Exhibit. We use these design rules at the core of our exhibition design services and fabrication process. Learn about these design tenants and more through our expert booth design services.

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