Published on June 7, 2023

A Quick Guide to Improving Your Trade Show ROI

A Quick Guide to Improving Your Trade Show ROI
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Attending a trade show can be quite an investment for some small and medium-sized companies. Because of this, companies that attend these shows are eager to increase their return on investment (ROI). If you’re looking for ways to improve your trade show ROI, here is a quick guide with tips you can use every step of the way.

Promote Your Event Appearance

Before the event, promote your business’s attendance to your audience. You can do this by posting on social media, sending email newsletters, using SMS marketing, and more. Remember to tag the event page or venue in your posts so that your posts have additional reach and let other attendees outside your primary audience know you’ll be attending. Promoting your booth and brand in advance fosters brand recognition and encourages more booth traffic during the event.

Optimize Your Trade Show Exhibit

Improving your trade show ROI depends on how you design and utilize your exhibit. Everything you do to help your booth stand out and keep visitors engaged can help improve your ROI. For example, you can engage your visitors by scheduling demonstrations of your products and services. Interactive elements such as demonstrations, workshops, video displays, and more will help your booth be more memorable than if you were simply talking at your customers the entire time. You can also optimize your booth itself to feature more eye-catching imagery, colors, text, and more to promote increased booth traffic during the show.

Follow Through With Post-Show Tasks

What your business does in the days following the trade show is just as important as what you do leading up to and during the event. Don’t delay when contacting sign-ups and potential leads from the event. Send your sign-ups and new followers SMS marketing, email newsletters, or post on social media to remind them of their trade show experience. Use similar imagery, colors, or even videos of the event to promote brand recognition and remind them of your booth. You can also consider offering limited-time deals and promotions to your list of new leads to thank them for their interest and increase sales.

When planning your next commercial event appearance, remember this guide to improving your trade show ROI. For more tips on designing and managing your exhibit for a better return on investment, work with an exhibition management company like West Coast Exhibit. Our booth management experts are here to help you with every step, from booth design and fabrication to setup and implementation.

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