Published on September 18, 2023

A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibit Secure

A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibit Secure
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Trade shows attract thousands of attendees and vendors to each event. With so many people in one place, it can make keeping everything secure a bit more challenging. If you’re exhibiting at an event in the future, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your display and goods safe. Here is a quick guide to keeping your trade show exhibit secure so you can focus on connecting with potential customers.

Expand Your Staff

If you’re managing a display at a trade show, you can’t expect the event staff to watch over your booth at all times. Event security’s primary jobs are to check ID badges and passes to ensure attendees are registered and to watch over the general show floor. Most venues won’t have enough security staff to watch over each individual exhibit, which is why you should expand your booth’s security yourself. Bring extra staff to the event and designate certain people to keep an eye on your products and equipment while you demonstrate products and answer questions.

Keep Track of Valuable Items

When exhibiting at a trade show, you may use a variety of displays and equipment to help market your products. Tablets and interactive displays are examples of technology that help attendees engage with your business, but they are also targets for thieves. Always keep track of these items and your personal valuables throughout the day. When you leave your booth at the end of the day, bring these pieces of equipment with you or utilize display lockers or on-site lockers at the venue. This will help you protect your items from anyone who could be lurking around after hours.

Limit Booth Access

By limiting the number of attendees in your booth at any given time, it makes it easier for your staff to keep an eye on things. Thieves tend to strike when crowds are present so they can blend in, but limiting the number of attendees around your booth can deter thieves. However, you don’t want to make your attendees feel distrusted, as this could result in lost interest and leads. Keep an eye on your products and equipment without placing unnecessary suspicion on attendees that come through.

Stay Organized and Prevent Clutter

Thieves tend to target booths and displays that are cluttered and disorganized. This is because the staff watching these booths are less likely to notice missing items. As another way to deter thieves, do your best to keep your booth organized and prevent clutter. Don’t let business cards, marketing materials, and note sheets litter your space, or it will be less noticeable if your valuables go missing.

Use this guide to keeping your trade show exhibit secure for your next exhibition to ensure your booth stays safe. Custom exhibit fabrication services can also help you design a display booth that maximizes visibility and security. If you’re looking for custom exhibit design services, trust West Coast Exhibit for all your display needs.

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