Published on October 4, 2023

Creative Ways To Use an LED Video Wall at Your Next Event

Creative Ways To Use an LED Video Wall at Your Next Event
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Are you looking for unique ways to help your business stand out at a trade show? Consider using a programmable LED video wall as a part of your next exhibit. Using LED displays provides several benefits, including increased booth visibility. Keep reading to learn creative ways to use an LED video wall at your next event.

Interactive Events To Promote Engagement

Investing in an LED screen is a smart way to increase engagement and interactivity for your future trade show booths. Setting up your own LED video wall provides new opportunities to interact with customers through digital activities and promotions. For example, you can use LED screens to display QR codes to link with customers’ smartphones. You can use LED technology to instantly send customers information about your products or services. These quick links can also encourage customers to take part in polls, sign up for raffles, and learn more through newsletters.

Product Demonstrations on the Big Screen

One of the best ways to attract attendees to your trade show booth is to capture their attention with product demonstrations. Rather than simply explaining what your products do or what you cover in your services, give a demonstration. If your products are difficult to demonstrate in person or in a commercial trade show environment, consider using your LED wall to display a recorded demonstration. LED video walls offer large screens to capture customers’ attention from across the show floor and provide a clear view of your products and services.

Dynamic and Eye-Catching Marketing Information

When you’re not displaying product links or demonstrations on your LED wall, you can use it to display your business’s branding. LED walls offer complete customization, so you can program them to display your brand’s logo, corresponding colors, marketing materials, and other branding options. The digital display aspect helps your branding stand out against a sea of other banners and walls at the show. This can help attract more customers to your booth and explain more about your brand at a glance.

These are just a few of the creative ways you can use an LED video wall at your next event. If you’re interested in incorporating a video wall into your next display, work with our trade show booth builders at West Coast Exhibit. We can help you design a custom booth complete with an LED display perfectly suited for your business’s next event.

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