Published on August 15, 2023

How a Custom Trade Show Display Benefits Your Business

How a Custom Trade Show Display Benefits Your Business
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Attending a trade show is an excellent way to market your business and promote new sales leads. However, if you’re still using a standard rental booth to market your business at trade show events, you could be losing precious engagement and leads. For companies that attend trade shows frequently, designing and ordering a custom display is a much better investment for trade show ROI. Keep reading to learn how a custom trade show display can benefit your business.

It Helps Your Business Stand Out

At a trade show, one of the biggest measures of a booth’s success is how much foot traffic it receives. To promote more interest in your booth and encourage more people to stop and look, you need your exhibit to stand out. If your booth blends in with the rest of the exhibitors, potential customers will be more likely to pass your display in favor of another more eye-catching booth. If you don’t want your display to become lost in the hundreds of other vendors at an event, you need a custom design. Custom displays feature unique layouts, marketing materials, and overall designs that help attract more attention.

Its Professional Designs Can Match Your Branding

Another benefit of customizing your trade show display is that you can tailor it to match your branding. Premade booths or rental booths will only ever be able to match the most basic elements of your brand. Depending on the booth you rent, you may not be able to match your brand’s colors and aesthetics. However, with a custom trade show display, you can decide on its design elements down to the font size and style. This promotes brand consistency and helps your brand stick out more in your customers’ memories.

It Fits Your Trade Show Plans

Every business will market its products or services uniquely at a trade show. Some products and services are most successful and engaging when you perform a demonstration. Others work better with a verbal explanation or a video wall featuring footage of your business’s products or services. When planning your trade show displays, you should consider what design works best to showcase your products. You only have so much control over this layout when renting a booth, but customizing your own can provide all the space and features you need. For example, a product demonstration might take up more space, so you’ll need an accessible area in your booth layout. Custom designs can help you plan the exact dimensions you need.

It Saves Your Business Time and Resources

Planning and designing a trade show display is a demanding process. If you’re planning a trade show booth on your own as a business, you’ll need to dedicate many hours and resources to the design, ordering, and setup process. However, when you work with professional exhibition design services, you can take back those resources and channel them into your business. Many trade show design businesses, such as West Coast Exhibit, also offer exhibit fabrication and construction services to assist you at the trade show itself. This helps you get off to a strong start at your trade show and minimizes the chances of damaging your booth during the setup or dismantling stages.

It Saves Your Business Money

While getting a custom exhibit will be a greater investment up front, it can also help your business save money over time. If you continue to rent a traditional trade show booth each time you sign up for an exhibition, these costs can add up. If your business attends multiple trade shows per year, it is much more economical to invest in a custom booth and use it regularly instead of renting. Plus, your booth will be specific to your business rather than using a generic booth design each time you rent.

It Encourages a Greater Return on Investment

Investing in a custom display for your trade show is a smart choice because it can also help increase your ROI from the event. If you have an eye-catching display that prioritizes engagement and brand consistency, you’re more likely to cultivate more leads during the event. Leads are visitors that have the potential to become future customers for your business. The more connections and leads you promote during the event, the higher your chances of leaving with a positive ROI. Trade shows can be big investments, which is why it’s vital to improve your ROI with strategies like using custom designs.

How To Create the Perfect Custom Booth for Your Business

Now that you know how a custom trade show booth can benefit your business, you may wonder how to acquire one of your own. Customization services like ours at West Coast Exhibit Services, Inc. can help walk you through the process. However, you may want to read this quick rundown of things you can do to prepare your custom booth.

Consider Your Target Audience

The biggest things to remember when customizing a trade show booth are your target audience and retaining your brand consistency. Consider your audience who will attend each trade show you visit and how a custom booth will be able to best attract their attention. Using colors that reflect your brand to make your booth more recognizable is an effective way to accomplish this. There are many design choices like this that you can make to enhance your custom booth and encourage engagement from your target audience.

Work With a Professional Fabrication Company

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a custom trade show booth, the best way to do so is to work with a professional design company. For example, at West Coast Exhibit Services, Inc., we take care of professional trade show exhibit design, fabrication, shipping, and management. Our experts help manage the trade show display process from start to finish, and we can even help with booth setups.

Now that you know more about custom booth displays and how they can benefit your business, you may be interested in finding out more about custom exhibits. You can learn additional information about the custom design process by contacting us. Our team of designers and management experts can help guide you from the initial plan to the setting up of your completed custom booth. Start investing in your own custom booth to make the most of your trade show appearances and encourage a larger ROI for your business.

How a Custom Trade Show Display Benefits Your Business

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