Published on September 11, 2023

How To Successfully Display Your Product at an Expo

How To Successfully Display Your Product at an Expo
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Do you have a specific product or line of products that you want to promote at your next trade show? Promoting your products at a trade show is a fantastic way to present them to your target audience and expand your product recognition. However, exhibiting with a product in mind takes some unique display and marketing techniques. Keep reading to discover how to successfully display your product at an expo.

What To Consider When Planning a Product Display

Before you’re ready to hit the trade show floor with your display booth and products, you should consider several factors to channel into your displays. Here is a quick list of what to consider during your booth design phase:

  • The size of your product
  • How many products you want to focus on
  • The target audience for your product
  • Your goals for the trade show

Remembering these factors will help you tailor your booth design to serve your company and best fit the products you want to display. If you plan to show products that have unique sizes, quantities, and target audiences, you may want to consider a custom booth design. Custom booth design companies can help you tailor your exhibit to comfortably fit your products and branding into the marketing.

Use Product Demonstrations To Gain Attention

Product demonstrations are the fastest and easiest way to help trade show attendees learn more about your business’s products. Trade shows and expos provide unique opportunities for you to demonstrate your products in person, which many digital companies and online retailers don’t get to do. Take this opportunity to explain how your products work, the stories behind them, and why they are so useful to your audience.

Product demonstrations are educational, and they attract more foot traffic to your booth. Demonstrations, whether in person or on video, are fantastic for attracting attention from the crowds passing through a vendor hall.

Allow Attendees To Interact With Your Products

Interactive displays are some of the most effective ways to draw more foot traffic to your booth during a trade show. Interactive elements include features like touch screens, product samples, and giveaways. Interactive displays help customers learn more about your products, and they help your brand stand out and become more memorable. When a trade show ends, you want attendees to remember your products and booth over all the rest of the vendors they saw that day or weekend. This is how you form leads and future clients through a trade show.

Highlight Your Products’ Benefits

One of the biggest reasons you want to evaluate your target audience before the show is to incorporate them into your display marketing. You can do this by marketing how your products can benefit them. For example, explain how your products can make your customers’ lives easier or make certain processes more efficient. You’ll also want to consider your competition and include how your products have more benefits than what your competition is selling. Trade shows often feature hundreds and even thousands of vendors, so this is crucial to help your products stand out over the competition.

Use Supplemental Lighting

The overhead fluorescent lighting that many trade show venues provide doesn’t always do your products and displays justice. Instead of highlighting your products, it can make them look washed out or blend them in with the rest of your exhibit. Instead, highlight your products by supplementing the venue lighting with spotlights, portable LED lights, and lamps.

If you use any type of shelving unit for your display, remember to light the products on each shelf. Overhead lighting can cast shadows on products on shelf displays, so consider using LED light strips or display cases to illuminate these products.

Use Your Product Display To Build Your Brand

When customers walk away from your booth and the trade show, you want them to remember your products and associate them with your business. Being able to trace your product demonstrations back to your business is crucial for securing lead follow-ups. For this reason, don’t neglect your business’s branding while trying to highlight your products. Fortunately, you can use your product displays to build your brand. Product displays can incorporate your brand name in white space on banners, display walls, posters, and signs. Don’t forget to include branded elements throughout the rest of your display booth as well, including the flooring, countertops, banners, and more.

Work With Expert Trade Show Consultants

When it comes to having a successful trade show, you need to plan out everything from your exhibit’s design to its dismantling. Some businesses don’t have the time or workforce to oversee so many aspects of the planning process. Working with a certified exhibition management company can take some of these planning and execution burdens off your company’s shoulders. Custom trade show companies like West Coast Exhibit are here to help you tailor your exhibit to your products and your goals. If your goal is to increase the brand recognition and popularity of your products, a management company will help you cover all the above design recommendations and more to showcase your products.

How To Measure the Success of Your Product Displays

Finally, once you’ve packed up your trade show exhibit and gone back to business as usual, you might be wondering how you can measure the success of your product display. Start by retargeting any leads you picked up at the show—these are potential customers who signed up with their contact information for future offers and promotions. You can reach out to these leads with follow-up information on the products you featured at the trade show. The success of these retargeting emails, texts, and other marketing can help you evaluate the success of your show.

Now that you know some tips for how to successfully display your product at an expo, try incorporating these strategies into your next exhibit. And if you’re looking for assistance as you design your exhibit, West Coast Exhibit is here to help. Our certified trade show managers can help you plan your exhibit from design to tear down while keeping your marketing and products in mind.

How To Successfully Display Your Product at an Expo

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