Published on November 1, 2022

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Trade Show Exhibit House

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There’s no question that attending trade shows can be an amazing growth opportunity for your business. However, designing and managing an exhibit on your own can be quite an undertaking for any company. If you’re considering investing in a company for trade show assistance, make sure you know the questions to ask before hiring a trade show exhibit house.

What Services Do They Offer?

Some trade show exhibit houses have different specialties and services that they offer. To ensure that you understand what the exhibit house in question can provide, start by asking for their list of services. Some companies will specialize exclusively in booth customization and fabrication. On the other hand, some companies only manage and design booths. Some exhibit houses will offer a mix of both, such as what we do here at West Coast Exhibit. These companies can help you with every step of the trade show planning and management processes, from booth design to overseeing your booth on the showroom floor.

How Trade Show Design Can Grow Your Brand

You want to work with a trade show exhibit house that believes in the importance of good trade show design and understands how it can impact a business. Any trade show exhibit firm worth its salt will be able to tell you how attending a trade show with an effective booth design can grow and promote your brand. For example, here at West Coast Exhibit, we know that an effective trade show booth design leads to increased engagement from attendees, so we channel that goal into our design process by creating engaging exhibits.

Ask To See Design Examples

The best way to gauge an exhibit house’s experience and whether they offer the types of designs you’re looking for is to view their previous design examples. See if the company provides a gallery of its previous works on its website. Requesting examples of the company’s most recent designs and photos of booths will help you visualize their design strengths and provide inspiration for your own booth.

You can also ask to see a company’s references and reviews from previous clients. This not only helps you get a better idea of their experience level, but it also helps you understand where the exhibit house excels from real accounts and previous examples of their work.

Asking these questions before hiring a trade show exhibit house can help you sort through mediocre services and find the company that best accommodates your business’s needs. Fortunately, you don’t need to look far to find an exhibition management company that offers top-quality booth design and management. Contact our team at West Coast Exhibit today to learn more about our services and experiences designing and managing trade show booths.

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