Published on August 22, 2023

The Importance of Adding New Floor Coverings to Your Exhibit

The Importance of Adding New Floor Coverings to Your Exhibit
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There are many reasons you should prioritize replacing your exhibit’s floor coverings, especially from design, safety, and practicality standpoints. For these reasons and more, explore the importance of adding new floor coverings to your trade show exhibit.

Makes Your Exhibit Appear More Professional

Your exhibit’s flooring is one of the elements that starts to show wear and tear the fastest. Between scuff marks from shoes, dents from fallen items, and tears or rips in places, your floor coverings can start to show their age after attending many events. It can be easy to forget about your floor coverings because they don’t draw the most attention out of your overall booth, but neglecting these surfaces will make your exhibit appear dirty and unprofessional. To help your booth maintain the same quality standard throughout, remember to address your floor coverings regularly.

Minimizes Tripping and Falling Hazards

Maximizing safety is another benefit of swapping out your booth’s old floor coverings. When flooring panels or rolls go too long without repairs or replacement, they may start to develop slick patches, bends, dips, and other conditions that could pose tripping and falling hazards. To make sure your booth’s attendees stay safe and comfortable while passing through, inspect your flooring after every show and test it before each show. If you notice any of these conditions that could cause your guests to trip, schedule a replacement for your exhibit flooring.

Keeps Your Exhibit Branding Cohesive

Managers don’t always show the same urgency to replace and upgrade exhibit flooring as they do for the more visual elements of their booths. However, if you update your exhibit’s marketing elements, such as banners, screens, and displays, without updating your flooring, you could create an unbalanced design. For example, if you don’t update your flooring color to match the rest of your booth’s new branding, your exhibit won’t look cohesive. Consider choosing a flooring material in a neutral color that will match the rest of your booth no matter how often you update the rest of your marketing.

Knowing the importance of new floor coverings for your trade show exhibits is crucial for maintaining an appealing and functional design. If you’re looking for trade show fabrication experts who consider elements of your booth design from top to bottom, choose West Coast Exhibit. We offer exhibit design and fabrication services to help you create a new exhibit or upgrade elements of previous booths, including floor coverings.

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