Published on June 7, 2023

Top Security Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

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First-time and veteran trade show exhibitors alike can experience theft and security concerns during these high-traffic events. If you don’t practice key security strategies and tips, attendees can easily make off with restricted items from your booth. Here are some top security tips for trade show exhibitors to keep your booth secure and protect your belongings.

Never Leave Booth Items Unattended

Whether you’re unwrapping your booth displays after unloading or packing up after the show, never leave your booth and its contents unattended. If you leave items, particularly expensive ones, unattended at your booth, the odds are high that someone could swipe them while you’re away. Thieves may even try to steal things such as giveaways and raffle items. Always have a booth representative present for loading and unloading and when you set up and dismantle your display. Their presence makes it more difficult for thieves to take items from your booth.

Stay Vigilant During the Show

Trade show booth theft doesn’t just occur during the show’s off-hours. Watch out for thieves during show hours when booths are open to the public. Attendees can and will walk off with your items if you don’t secure them properly. Keep expensive items such as tablets, monitors, and laptops on your tables and only allow your booth’s staff to use them. Additionally, secure any personal belongings in lock boxes or lockers provided by the venue. Losing items such as your phone or wallet in the chaos can be easy.

Practice the Buddy System

Always strive to have at least one representative present at your booth until the convention hall shuts down for the day. Even when you need to leave your booth for lunch or a simple bathroom break, make sure that someone has eyes on your booth. If you don’t have other representatives from your business present, ask a neighboring exhibitor to watch over your booth while you’re gone. Your neighbors will usually be happy to help—just remember to practice good trade show etiquette and offer the same help to them.

These are some of the top security tips trade show exhibitors should know before setting up their tables at an event. You’ll pick up on many of these skills and their importance with trade show experience. When you partner with our trade show exhibit management experts at West Coast Exhibit, we’ll walk you through security tips and other booth management strategies to help your exhibition experience go smoothly.

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