Published on January 11, 2023

Trade Show Display Rental: Advantages and Disadvantages

Trade Show Display Rental: Advantages and Disadvantages
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There is no question that attending a trade show is a stellar marketing opportunity for any business. However, deciding whether to buy or rent your convention booth can be a difficult decision. To help you decide, familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of trade show display rentals.

Advantages of Trade Show Display Rentals

Renting a trade show display has many benefits, especially for businesses just starting out in the trade show and convention scene. Renting a booth is more cost-effective than buying a complete booth, especially if you only attend a few conventions per year.

Trade show rentals also allow you to experiment with your booth’s design, size, branding, layout, and more. You’re not restricted to the materials you own for each trade show. Booth rental companies also draw from decades of experience to help you design a booth that will make strong first impressions and knock your branding out of the park.

Disadvantages of Trade Show Display Rentals

While convenient and cost-effective, trade show rentals may not be the perfect fit for every situation. For example, if your business attends numerous trade shows per year, even cost-saving rentals can add up in price. At a certain point, the cost of renting could equal the cost of buying your own trade show displays. Discuss with your trade show rental service to explore your budget and monitor how much you’re spending during your trade show season.

Which Is Best for Your Business?

For many businesses, renting a trade show display is better than buying one. If you’re attending your first show or only attend a few per year, renting a display can help your business save money on trade show investment and upkeep. However, if your business attends every show it can, it may be more effective to simply own your own display. If you’re confident in your business’s design and branding and don’t require extra experimentation and flexibility, investing in your own booth could be the path for you.

Trade Show Display Services

If you’re interested in trade show display services, learn more about rentals and booth management here at West Coast Exhibit. We offer exhibit design, fabrication, rentals, and management services once you’re all set up at your location. If you’re new to the trade show business, we can help determine which type of display service is right for your business’s needs.

It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of trade show display rentals before choosing how you want to invest. Whether you rent your trade show display or invest in a custom model, West Coast Exhibit offers trade show management services to help you get more out of your convention experience. If you’re interested in trade show booth rentals and management, browse our online services or contact our team today.

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