Published on March 21, 2023

Trade Show Packing: Key Items To Bring to Your Next Event

Trade Show Packing: Key Items To Bring to Your Next Event
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When you’re packing for your first trade show exhibit, it can be difficult to know what to bring. Here are some tips for trade show packing and the key items to bring to your next event.

Trade Show Exhibit

Your business will stand out for all the wrong reasons if you attend a trade show without a display booth. You’ll need more than an empty table and a tablecloth to encourage customers to learn about your business. Work with a trade show exhibit company to fabricate your own or rent an exhibit for your next event. At West Coast Exhibit, we can help you create an eye-catching booth that highlights your products or services and encourages customers to learn more.

Business Cards

At any convention or trade show, you’ll want to offer ways for potential customers or clients to get in touch after the show. Consider handing out business cards or leaving them on a table for passing attendees to pick up. This provides customers with all the information they need to reach your business and gives other business leaders a way to contact you for collaborations. When designing and printing your business cards, try to include your business’s contact information, social media handles, links to websites, and any other information you think may be pertinent.

Extension Cords

Not all trade show floors feature optimal electrical outlet placement. If your trade show booth features video walls, monitors, or other digital displays, you’re going to need multiple outlets to power these devices. Be sure to pack plenty of extension cords with your exhibit parts since convention spaces don’t always provide them for you.

Giveaway Items

Some of the most important items to bring to your trade show event are things to give away. Whether you choose to hold a raffle for a larger prize or offer smaller, branded goods for every person who stops by your booth, bringing items to give away can help draw attention to your exhibit. Everyone loves free stuff, so potential customers will flock to your booth for your giveaways. This provides an extended opportunity to tell them more about your business’s products or services.

These trade show packing tips will help you remember to bring all of the key items for your next event. If you’re looking for a trade show exhibit company to help you get ready for your next show, don’t forget to check out our services at West Coast Exhibit.

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