Published on September 14, 2022

Trade Show Trends To Incorporate Into Your Next Exhibit

Trade Show Trends To Incorporate Into Your Next Exhibit
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Over time, marketing trends change. The methods once used years ago have become obsolete in today’s world. Therefore, keeping on top of things and monitoring these shifts is vital to your success in the industry. Knowing popular trends can help you appeal to your target market. Discover the trade show trends to incorporate into your next exhibit to ensure your booth is the best one there.

Comfort Zones

As you design your booth, think about the ways you can prioritize comfort for all potential customers and partners who approach. Many thriving businesses include tables and chairs so attendees have a place to get comfortable, which creates the perfect space for you to talk to them about your brand. By simplifying your booth’s attraction, you can provide the opportunity to open a conversation about your business and start off your relationship with potential clients on the right foot.

Pro Tip

In addition to keeping attendees comfortable with great furniture, many recommend offering food or drinks at your booth. When people approach and ask about your business, you can offer them both a seat and a snack.

Intermix Technology

We live in the age of technology, and no matter what industry you work in, it helps enhance your exhibit and draws in additional people. Over the years, utilizing technology has become more common as tablets and QR codes grow in popularity. Consider incorporating technology to your exhibit by having:

  • Touchscreen displays
  • AI data trackers
  • Virtual reality headsets

Technology such as these allow attendees to get hands-on with your brand and have a one-of-a-kind experience. This, in turn, is more memorable and helps ensure you stick out in their mind as they reflect on the many exhibits at the trade show. For instance, AI data trackers enable you to optimize the experience for each buyer based off data trends.


Your company is unique, and a trade show is a time to show everyone why you’re the best option on the market. Include brand colors, logos, and other key components to make your exhibit stand out.

For instance, if soft pink and burnt orange are your brand colors, include them on banners and customer giveaways. This way, attendees familiar with your brand will have an easier time finding your exhibit. The more people you draw in, the better.

Pro Tip

You can also make your brand stand out by including fun aspects to your exhibit, like a photobook. We recommend having your logo as—or integrated into—a backdrop. Doing so not only encourages attendees to have fun at your exhibit, having your logo clearly visible helps you further market yourself as attendees share their photos on social media.

Collaborate with Us

West Coast Exhibit creates 3D marketing exhibits to help ensure your brand stands out at the next trade show you attend. With our in-depth understanding of the marketing climate, we know all the trade show trends to incorporate into your next exhibit so you can thrive.

We also offer certified exhibition management so you can enjoy the trade show while a pro tends to the finer details of managing your exhibit. By working with West Coast Exhibit—a company dedicated to offering all its customers turkey solutions—you choose an innovative booth display as unique as your brand.

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