Published on June 26, 2023

Why Typography in Exhibit Design Is Important

Why Typography in Exhibit Design Is Important
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When designing a trade show exhibit, it’s important to consider everything from the larger infrastructure of your booth down to your intricate typography choices. Typography is crucial to any type of marketing materials you create for your business, but it is especially essential to consider in your trade show design. Keep reading to learn more about typography and why it is so important in exhibit design.

Review: What Is Typography?

Typography is the technique of designing and arranging lettering to make it look more appealing and readable to the viewer. This process involves selecting specific fonts or typefaces, lettering sizes and styles, spacing, coloring, and more to make a piece of text more engaging. You practice typography whenever you design a piece of marketing content for your business.

Well-Designed Typography Promotes Readability

Your trade show booth signage should be legible from long distances on the exhibit hall floor. If no one can see your signage, your booth can quickly get lost in the crowd of attendees. Making smart typography choices can help your signage be more readable. Implement typography choices such as larger fonts, sans serif text, and high-contrast lettering to promote readability from far away. If customers can see your sign from across the show floor, it will encourage more foot traffic to your booth.

Typography Creates a Strong First Impression

Your trade show booth’s signage is one of the first things attendees will see when passing your exhibit. The typography of your signage can influence the first impressions attendees get from your exhibit and, by extension, your brand. A professional, well-thought-out design choice that matches the rest of your branding can help increase brand cohesion and recognition.

Alternatively, if your booth’s signage features typography that clashes with the rest of your brand’s marketing materials and overall image, it can appear too busy or incohesive. You want your booth’s typography to match the rest of your marketing to promote a keen sense of brand awareness.

After reviewing the basics of typography and its benefits, you can now have a better understanding of why typography is so important to exhibit design. If you’re planning to exhibit at an upcoming trade show, you need a booth fabrication company that understands key tenants of design, such as typography. West Coast Exhibit offers trade show booth design with experts that understand how elements such as typography can set your booth apart from the rest.

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